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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Chloe Osborne reviewed Akron Martial Arts
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Love this place and I recommend everyone to come join!

Tammy Speirs Freshley reviewed Akron Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter goes to AMA and loves it there!! All the instructors are so nice and helpful. Great karate school to belong to!!!

Marsha Wooten reviewed Akron Martial Arts
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This school is wonderful. My kids have benefitted so much from karate. They have gained self-confidence, focus, and discipline. The instructors care about the kids in class and out. They ask about school work, bullying, and other issues. The mentoring they provide is priceless!

Mandy Ledford reviewed Akron Martial Arts
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This school has become a second family to us. It has brought many character building qualities to everyone in our family from our 5 year old up to us as adults! there is opportunity for all types of personal growth at this school! Highly recommend giving something new a try.

Ashley Keenan reviewed Akron Martial Arts
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If you're looking to get your child or yourself into martial arts, I highly recommend AMA. Such an amazing group of instructors, very caring and passionate about martial arts! My daughter joined 3 months ago and absolutely loves it here!! Very family oriented!!

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5 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween!

5 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time of the year for children; but when children
encounter tricks instead of treats, this holiday can become very scary –
and not just because of the decorations and frightening costumes.
Abductions, bullying, candy that has been compromised; these are all
things that can make Halloween a dreadful holiday for children and
parents alike.

In order to keep your kids safe this Halloween, educate them before
they put on their costumes and start knocking on the neighbors doors.
Here are 5 tips that can help keep those little ghosts and ghouls safe
this – and every – Halloween.

Plan a Route. Before your kids hit the town to gather goodies, plan a
route for them. It should be one that leads them through well-lit areas
that are heavily populated. The lighter the area and the more people
around, the less likely there will danger lurking. Make sure to discuss
the route with your kids beforehand.

Give them a Cell Phone. You may not want your kids to have a cell
phone on a regular basis, but on Halloween, you might want to make an
exception. Pre-program the phone with emergency contact numbers so
that if there is an emergency, your child will be able to easily call for
help. Also, it will allow you to call and check up on your child at regular
intervals. They’ll have the freedom to trick-or-treat by themselves, but
you’ll still be able to keep a watchful eye, or ear, on them.

Talk to Your Child About Potential Dangers. Discuss possible scenarios
that could occur that would be dangerous. For example, what they
should do if someone tries to ask them to get into their car, or go into
their house. Provide them with the right response so that they know
how to react and so that they can avoid a potentially dangerous

Light them Up. Give you children flashlights or have them wear glow
bracelets or necklaces while they are trick-or-treating. Doing so will
allow them to not only see what is around them, but will allow others to
easily see them. Cars can be a particular danger while walking on dark
streets; lighting up your kids will make them more visible to drivers.

Don’t Eat Candy! Of course, children are going to find it difficult to keep
their goodies out of their mouths; however, you really need to stress the
importance of waiting until they get home to eat their candy. Once they
get home, you can inspect them to make sure they are safe. Spread the
candy out and go through it together.

Remove anything that is unwrapped or looks questionable. And while homemade treats may
seem like a nice gesture, there is no telling what is inside of them, so nix

Your kids can have fun while being independent this Halloween. By
following these 5 tips, you can ensure that they have plenty of treats
and avoid any tricks.